Configuring Fueled’s BigCommerce App

Getting Started with Fueled’s GA4 Connector App

Configuring our Google Analytics 4 Connector for BigCommerce is quick and easy.

First, please make sure that you’ve created a Google Analytics 4 Property, and that you have your Measurement ID and your API key ready to go. You can learn more about GA4 configuration at:

Configuring Google Analytics 4 for BigCommerce

Next, visit our BigCommerce Marketplace listing to install our app on your BigCommerce Store:

Configuring the GA4 Connector App

Tracking Client-Side Events

Fueled’s GA4 Connector app leverages BigCommerce’s Scripts Manager and Scripts Manager API to install client-side javascript that tracks events that take place in the browser.

🔑 Note: Fueled’s client-side tracking only works out of the box for Stencil-powered themes. For legacy sites running on BigCommerce’s Blueprint theme engine, additional steps are required to configure client-side tracking. Please contact if you are on a Blueprint theme and would like to leverage our client-side tracking features.

When you install our app on a Stencil-powered theme, we inject two javascript snippets in Scripts Manager:

Script Name






This script loads the Fueled writekeys and API configurations

All pages (including checkout)




This script loads Fueled’s data layer and handles event tracking.

All pages (including checkout)



Please do not update either of these two scripts, unless you know exactly what you are doing. In particular, edits to fueled-vars could break your client-side Fueled integration.

Within Fueled’s GA4 Connector App settings, you can enable/disable client-side tracking:

When client-side tracking is disabled, our application’s scripts still fire, such that you can access our data layer. But our application will not send these events to Google Analytics.

📢 Client-side and server-side tracking configuration is managed separately in our app. Some merchants choose to leverage our client-side tracking features, and not our server-side tracking features, or vice versa. Unless you’re building custom functionality on top of our libraries and APIs, we recommend that merchants enable both client-side and server-side tracking through our app.

Respecting User Tracking Consent

By default, our GA4 Connector App respects the customer privacy/tracking consent features provided by BigCommerce’s Scripts Manager. We recommend that you leave these settings activated, to respect your customers’ consent when it comes to client-side event tracking.

Enabling Server-Side Tracking

Enable/disable server-side tracking to track checkout and purchase events with Fueled. By default, our app tracks server-side events.

🔑 With server-side event tracking enabled, Fueled tracks all purchase events, including purchases made through your BigCommerce Admin UI, point-of-sale, third-party checkout apps, and subscription management apps like ReCharge Payments. We send the BigCommerce order source to Google Analytics 4 via the attribution property on purchase events. Orders placed by customers through your storefront will have “web” listed in this attribution property.

Configuring the Purchase Value Sent to Google Analytics

Google recommends that purchase events use the “subtotal” value of an order as the value parameter. However, some merchants have historically used, or would prefer to use, the “total order value” (which includes taxes and shipping). We leave this choice up to you!

Entering Your Google Analytics 4 Credentials

You will need to enter your Measurement ID and API Key for GA4 to send Google attribution events. Please review our documentation on configuring a GA4 property here.

Pausing Attribution Events

For the most part, once a merchant has configured our app, they will never need to adjust their settings or temporarily pause events. That said, if you’re setting up a new development store or are staging the Fueled app for a new store, you can use the settings below to turn off event tracking, while keeping the Fueled app installed and configured for your storefront.

Getting Help

While Fueled has provided this app to Shopify merchants for free, we do our best to support the wonderful merchants who choose to leverage our software.

You can get in touch with us at:

You might also considering joining our Community Slack Channel, where consultants, developers, and other merchants are available to lend a hand.

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