How Fueled Works

Getting Started with Fueled

While not technically required, most eCommerce merchants who leverage Fueled get started by connecting our platform with their eCommerce store — either Shopify of BigCommerce.

Our Shopify and BigCommerce integrations sync customer records into Fueled and push these records to various Destinations.

More interestingly, our Shopify and BigCommerce integrations collect all of your interactions with your customers (think: website clicks, purchases, refunds, sign-ups, etc.) and push these Events to all of your Destinations as well.


You can install Fueled's Shopify App Store App or our BigCommerce Marketplace App to get started.

Collecting Event Data

Fueled collects customer event data from different Sources through both client-side and server-side integrations. When customers click through an eCommerce website, for example, searching for products, adding products to their cart, checking out, and so forth, client-side javascript fires on the website to collect these events and send them to Fueled. Similarly, when purchases are made, or customer service emails are sent back and forth between a customer and a merchant, these server-side events fire and are sent to Fueled.

Cleaning and Transforming Event Data

Once Fueled receives event data from a Source, this data is cleaned and transformed, so that it can be sent to each integrated Destination, in the format that that Destination requires. A purchase event, for example, is transformed into different data formats for Destinations such as Google Analytics, Facebook Conversion API, or Klaviyo.

All of these data structures (or "schemas") and transformations can be tricky. One of the most important benefits of Fueled is that we handle all of this logic and translation steps for you.

Associating Events with the Correct Customers

Associating events with specific customers, also known as "Identity Resolution", can be complex. Customers generally visit your website anonymously, until they make a purchase. This conversion of a customer from an anonymous site visitor to an identified purchaser might take days or weeks of interaction with your website.

Fueled stitches all of these events together, retroactively associating anonymous interactions with an identified user once that user provides an email address, phone number, or other identifying/identifiable piece of data.

1st-Party Data Integrations Done Right, and Done for You

Fueled is not unique among products in the CDP category in providing the functionality described above. But it is unique in that it handles all of these integrations, data transformations, and setup for you. Fueled doesn't require weeks of planning and building out of data tracking plans manually. Fueled doesn't require that an engineering team implement each integration on your behalf.

With Fueled, CDP functionality and customer data strategies can simply be turned on or unlocked for your business — instantly.

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