Google Analytics Connector

Fueled's Google Analytics Connector allows you to quickly configure a best-in-class, highly-reliable solution for tracking critical shopper events into GA4.

Fueled's Google Analytics integration is available to Shopify merchants on our "Fueled Starter" plan and above.

Important: Before turning on Fueled's Google Analytics connector, please disable any other Google Analytics scripts or connector apps that you might have installed — including Shopify's built-in GA4 connector, which comes with its Google/YouTube channel app.

Having multiple Google Analytics integrations installed at the same time can lead to duplicate events, the lost of events, and mismatched attribution tracking.


Fueled's Google Analytics connector is a robust, highly-accurate solution for attribution tracking for GA4. We provide significant flexibility and customization of your GA4 tracking setup — without requiring that you write code.

How We Differ From Shopify's Built-In GA4 Integration

Shopify's built-in GA4 integration, which is enabled through their Google Shopping/YouTube app, is a fine solution for small businesses that need a basic integration.

However, having implemented GA4 for many thousands of Shopify merchants, we understand the functionality and configuration options that help merchants truly get the most out of GA4 — and we've built these features into our application.

  • Unlike Shopify's built-in GA4 integration, Fueled provides server-side purchase event tracking to ensure the highest possible accuracy in reports and to allow merchants to track offline purchases in GA4 as well as website purchases.

  • Fueled allows merchants to configure parameters that they send to GA4, such as the transaction value and transaction ID.

  • Fueled presents a data layer that you can leverage with Google Tag Manager.

  • Fueled provides a library for tracking custom events into GA4.

  • Fueled provides dedicated support from a team of technologists who work in Google Analytics every day.

Getting Started

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