Configuring GA4 Settings in Shopify

Configuring our Google Analytics 4 Connector settings for Shopify is quick and easy.

First, please make sure that you’ve created a Google Analytics 4 Property, and that you have your Measurement ID and your API key ready to go. You can learn more about GA4 configuration at:

pageConfiguring Google Analytics 4

Next, visit our Shopify Marketplace listing to install our app on your Shopify Store. Then, follow our instructions for configuring Shopify Event Tracking.

Configuring the GA4 Connector Settings

Entering Your Google Analytics 4 Credentials

You will need to enter your Measurement ID and API Key for GA4 to send Google attribution events, which you set up when Configuring Google Analytics 4.

Choose The "Value" To Send To GA4 For Purchase Events

Choose The Transaction ID To Send To GA4 For Purchase Events

By default, Fueled sends a "hash" of the Shopify Transaction ID to GA4 for the purchase transaction ID. This is because many governing laws, including the California Privacy Rights Act, consider Order IDs to be PII (personally identifiable information).

However, we do allow merchants to use Shopify's Transaction ID (non-hashed) or Order Number as the transaction ID sent to GA4. Please consider the privacy implications of this choice. Fueled is not liable for personally-identifiable information that a merchant chooses to send to Google Analytics.

Pausing Attribution Events

For the most part, once a merchant has configured our app, they will never need to adjust their settings or temporarily pause events. That said, if you’re setting up a new development store or are staging the Fueled app for a new store, you can use the settings below to turn off event tracking, while keeping the Fueled app installed and configured for your storefront.

Getting Help

We do our best to support the wonderful merchants who choose to leverage our software. You can get in touch with us at:

You might also considering joining our Community Slack Channel, where consultants, developers, and other merchants are available to lend a hand.

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