Google Tag Manager Integration

Fueled's Google Tag Manager Integration, as well as its data layer and data layer listeners, are available on all of our Shopify plans.

Learn more about working with our data layer and exposing it to Google Tag Manager variables and tags at:

Working with Fueled’s Shopify Data Layer

GTM Container Template

You can also get started with the following sample Google Tag Manager Container configuration.

Note: The following GTM Tags, Triggers and Variables are provided as is, without warranty. Occasionally, we may update this GTM container snippet. It's the merchant's responsibility to manage this recipe.

Also, please be sure respect your customers' privacy and implement consent mode in GTM. Compliance with privacy laws is the responsibility of the merchant.

To use this template, download the json file below and then upload it into a GTM container. Be sure to pay attention to any tag, trigger, or variable names that are shared, so as not to override existing work in GTM.

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