Upgrading To A Paid Fueled Plan On Shopify

ANNOUNCEMENT: On November 20th at 12 a.m UTC, we will be sunsetting our free GA4 Connector for Shopify. All merchants on our free Shopify app will need to choose a paid plan.


A year ago, we launched our free Google Analytics connector for the Shopify community. That community has grown to over 1,700 merchants in over 75 countries who use our app to track over 150 million monthly events into Google Analytics 4.

We released this app 5 months before Shopify had its own built-in GA4 integration. We've been proud to support the community with this free tool, online tutorials, and proactive customer support.

Now that Shopify has its own basic GA4 integration, it's time for us to take our app to the next level. After 3 months of testing with a handful of top performing merchants, we are excited to announce the self-service release of our new advanced features, including our Google Ads and Facebook Pixel/Conversion API Connectors.

What's New?!?!

Based upon the feedback and feature requests we've received from the community, this release is packed with new features:

  • Google Ads Remarketing Events integration

  • Google Ads Enhanced Conversion tracking

  • Facebook Pixel event tracking

  • Facebook Conversion API event tracking

  • Shopify Web Pixel API integrations

  • Segment.com integration

  • Access to our unique 1st-party pixel and domain proxy

  • New configuration options for our advanced GA4 integration

...and more!

Plus, every merchant who signs up for a "Fueled Standard" or "Advanced" plan will get access to a dedicated Slack Channel with our support team, so that Fueled can help merchants to get the most out of their Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads attribution and targeting data.

Sunsetting Our Free Offering

While we’d love to provide this upgraded version absolutely free, our team has poured countless hours into developing, testing, and perfecting it. So after much thought, we've come up with a price that we feel is just enough to keep the lights on and our developers caffeinated:

Starting this week, we will no longer be offering a free plan for new users.

We are giving existing users until November 20th to upgrade to our "Fueled Starter Plan" at just $17/month (the cost of a breakfast burrito and coffee).

All merchants can sign up for a 15-day free trial of our new features — including our Google Ads and Facebook CAPI Connectors.

This means that all merchants currently on our free app have until December 5th to fully migrate to a paid plan.

For merchants who would prefer a free option, Shopify's built-in GA4 integration has matured a lot this year and is adequate. You can downgrade from Fueled to that integration following these instructions in under 5 minutes.


Thank you for being on this GA4 migration journey with us and for choosing our app.

Think of it this way — by moving forward with this upgrade, you're not just investing in our product, you're investing in a promise. A promise that we'll continue to evolve, innovate, and give you the best. And in return, you’re helping us to stay afloat, keep improving, and be there for you every step of the way.

Churning would mean breaking this beautiful cycle of giving and receiving. And let's be honest, we’ve kind of grown fond of each other, haven’t we? 😉

So, what do you say? Ready to be a part of this new chapter? Just think of it as grabbing lunch once a month with us (only, instead of burritos, you’re getting a powerhouse of features).

If you have additional questions about this transition, if you would like to learn more about our paid features, or you need help migrating to Shopify’s native integration, please reach out to me directly. You can email me directly at: sean@fueled.io. You can also schedule a conversation or demo with me at: https://calendly.com/sean-fueled.

With gratitude, Sean Larkin, CEO and Founder, Fueled.io

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