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What is Fueled?

Fueled is a 1st-party attribution suite for eCommerce. Our Yotpo integration allows you to send all of your reviews and real-time Yotpo events to dozens of downstream destinations, including marketing automation tools, email marketing platforms, data warehouses, business intelligence tools — and enterprise customer data platforms (CDPs) like Segment, mParticle or Tealium.

Leveraging Fueled’s Yotpo connector, you can unlock the power of customer reviews to build more compelling omni-channel engagement strategies, improve social advertising campaigns, and build better product offers.

You can also leverage our Yotpo integration to set up marketing automations with enterprise platforms like Iterable or Airship.

Our Yotpo connector supports the following server-side events

IdentifyProduct Reviewed/Review UpdatedSite Reviewed/Review Updated

💡 Note: Client-side Yotpo event tracking (i.e., interaction with the Yotpo widget on an eCommerce website) can be accomplished with our Fueled Analytics javascript library. Please contact us for setting up these client-side events by using our Shopify or BigCommerce apps.

Fueled::Yotpo Example Use Cases

Fueled’s Yotpo Connector unlocks the potential of real-time Yotpo events to power dozens of use cases. For example:

  • Stream Yotpo product and site review events to Google Analytics 4 for enriched journey analytics.

  • Stream Yotpo events to your marketing automation platform(s) to trigger personalized email and SMS campaigns.

  • Stream Yotpo events to your data warehouse and reverse ETL tools, including RedShift, BigQuery, Snowflake and Hightouch.

  • Stream Yotpo events into your customer data platform (for example, Segment) to integrate Yotpo with hundreds of other tools and platforms.

Getting Started with Fueled’s Yotpo Connector

Getting stared with Fueled is easy! Our Yotpo Connector is available with our “Fueled Plus” plan, which starts at $399/month. Register with us, and we’ll have your Fueled instance configured within 2-5 business days.

All of your product and website reviews will instantly stream into your marketing automation, analytics, and paid advertising tools.


Our Yotpo integration is available on our “Fueled Plus” plan.

For updated pricing and discount opportunities, please visit our pricing page at: https://fueled.io/pricing.


If you’re interested in our Yotpo integration, our onboarding team can get you set up asap. Simply:

  1. Reach out to our team to set up billing and the creation of your Fueled merchant account.

  2. We will send you a verification URL to generate an API key specific to your Yotpo instance.

  3. Email us that API key and we’ll take care of the rest.

  4. From within Fueled’s user interface, you can then select the destinations where you would like to stream your Yotpo events. For advanced destination integrations, we’ll take care of the set up for you, at no additional cost.

Customer Support

For support for your Yotpo integration with Fueled, please contact: support@fueled.io.

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