Downgrading To Shopify's Free GA4 Connector


On November 20th, 2023, Fueled is sunsetting its free GA4 Connector. For merchants not interested in upgrading to "Fueled Starter" ($17/month), please follow these steps to turn off Fueled and migrate to Shopify's free GA4 integration.


Downgrading from Fueled to Shopify's built-in GA4 integration takes less than 5 minutes. Simply:

  • Uninstall the Fueled App.

    • This will automatically remove all Fueled code in your theme, as well as our server-side integration.

    • If you've manually set up Fueled's custom pixel integration, disable it at: Settings » Customer Events.

  • Enable Shopify's Google Shopping/YouTube App.

    • In enabling this app, you will be asked to authenticate with your Google account.

  • Select your GA4 property to connect to Shopify's built-in tracker.

Differences Between Fueled's GA4 Connector And Shopify's GA4 Integration

Shopify's built-in GA4 integration provides adequate event coverage for most Shopify merchants.

Shopify's integration tracks the following event types:

The key differences between Shopify's free integration and Fueled's Starter Plan, are:

  • Fueled provides server-side tracking of two of the most critical GA4 events:

    • begin_checkout

    • purchase

  • Fueled tracks offline purchase events, such as point-of-sale purchases and subscription re-billing events.

  • Fueled provides configuration options for selecting the value and transaction_id parameters sent to GA4

  • On Fueled's "Standard" and "Advanced" plans, merchants can also take advantage of our Google Ads remarketing and conversion event integrations.

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