Configuring Google Analytics 4 for BigCommerce

⚡ Getting started with Google Analytics 4 is quick and easy.

Before Fueled’s free Google Analytics 4 Connector App for BigCommerce can be installed, you’ll either need to set up a new Google Analytics 4 property, or to get the Measurement ID and and an API key from an existing property.

If you already have a GA4 property, please skip to: .

Creating a New GA4 Property

If you don’t have a Google Analytics 4 property enabled, click on the “Admin” link in the bottom left-hand corner of the Google Analytics UI to view the settings of your Google Analytics account.

From there, you will want to create a new property, clicking the link displayed in the screenshot below.

Then, name your GA4 property.

Once your GA4 property is created, you’ll want to choose “Web” as your platform for collecting data, as described below.

Enter the URL of your BigCommerce storefront. (If your site is accessed with “www” in the website URL, make sure you included that.)

Getting Your GA4 API Credentials

Once you’ve created your GA4 Property, you’ll want to create a Measurement Protocol API Secret, clicking on the configuration section highlighted below.

Click “Create.”

Copy the Secret Key, as described below, as well as your Measurement ID. You will need these two values when configuring our BigCommerce App.

Enabling Google Signals

While not required, we recommend that you enable Google Signals in your “Data Collection” settings, as described below. Google Signals will allow you to enrich your attribution reports in GA4 with demographic data about your shoppers. Google Signals also unlocks additional attribution models, including new models powered by machine learning.

Confirming Your Setup

Once you’ve set up Google Analytics 4 and you’ve configured Fueled to push event data into your GA4 property, you should soon see events flowing in GA4’s “Realtime Reports,” as described below.

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