About Us

Who We Are

Fueled was founded in the fall of 2021 by Sean Larkin and Eddie Svirsky.

As CEO, Sean brings 20 years of experience building organizations and teams, with strong focus on eCommerce and data infrastructure projects. Sean has successfully exited two previous companies.

As CTO, Eddie leads our engineering team with over 15 years of experience building scalable, enterprise solutions. Eddie has been a technical co-founder of multiple venture-backed startups.

In summer 2022, Fueled received its first round of outside venture funding from the international VC, Antler.

Why We Built Fueled

Fueled was founded to solve acute problems that our eCommerce consulting clients faced in terms of operationalizing first-party and zero-party customer data.

For the last ten+ years, conventional CDP technologies and tactics have only been accessible to enterprise merchants. With the rise of ad blockers and 3rd-party data collection constraints, emerging and mid-market eCommerce brands struggle to without these tools to acquire and retain customers at reasonable advertising costs.

Fueled seeks to unlock eCommerce data, so that compelling brands can be successful in a tougher and and more and more competitive eCommerce landscape.

Open Source Contributions

As beneficiaries of open source, we seek to give back when we can.

Check out our Open Source DataLayer for BigCommerce on GitHub.

You can read more about this project on our blog:

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