Custom Pixel For Tracking Checkout Steps

Merchants can leverage the Web Pixel API for tracking checkout-related events, such as Add Payment Info, by setting up a Custom Pixel in the Shopify Admin, which leverages this API.

Step 1: Setting up a Custom Pixel in the Shopify Admin UI

To set up a Custom pixel, go to:[your-store-name]/settings/customer_events

(The click-through path to this configuration screen is: Settings > Customer Events)

Here, you should see the screen below:

From this screen, click “Add custom pixel”, and name it Fueled Events:

(Note: if you're already using Fueled's Custom Pixel for tracking Add To Cart events, you can just update that script.)

This will take you to a screen where you can enter the Custom Pixel code:

On this screen, you will want to enter the code snippet found at:

It should look like this:

From there, click “Save” and “Connect”.

If you’d successfully connected this Custom Pixel, you should see the following:

Standard “Add to Cart” tracking is currently deactivated.

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